Welcome to our range of Ford Powervalve Exhaust Systems

This is the starting point of a journey which we believe will lead you towards the perfect performance exhaust solution for you and your car.

We say this firstly, because, like yourself, we are true petrolheads, with a solid understanding of the industry we operate in and a full knowledge of our competitor's products, and secondly as engineers, we are on a quest to achieve perfection for you in everything we do.

 All of this means, that before we even consider offering a product for general consumption it must meet our own very exacting standards covering key criteria such as power release, aesthetic beauty and of course the best possible sound profile.

 In order to support these claims, you can rest in the comfort that our comprehensive and unique range has been developed and refined over a period of many years, calling on our extensive industry knowledge and experience, to bring you, what we believe is the most exciting array of products currently available.

 Please click any of the links below to begin your journey with us, which we hope will lead you to become the latest Powervalve customer.

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