Octavia Mk3 VRS 2.0 TSi

Octavia Mk3 VRS 2.0 TSi

The new for 2018 updated REV II Skoda Octavia Mk3 VRS 2.0 TSi Powervalve Exhaust system is totally unique and will provide you with everything you need to take the Octavia Mk3 VRS 2.0 TSi to its maximum power potential - the new design features built-in pops and burbles and a drone-free experience, thanks to our quarter wave built in DDE (dynamic drone eliminator)...

The system is only available as a full turbo back option, however, the downpipe and catalytic converter can be purchased separately if required.

 The Powervalve offers a unique perspective on exhaust technology, providing the driver with the option of two distinct natures. When the car is pottering around or cruising the sound is at once uplifted and noticeable but yet controlled and non-intrusive. However, once the car is driven aggressively and produces a key level of boost pressure everything changes and the sound becomes purposeful and redefined reflecting the true essence of the VRS 2.0 TSi. All of which is under the complete control of your right foot, therefore, you determine the sound minute to minute depending on your particular driving requirements. By using this unique interaction, the driver ceases to become desensitized in the way you would with a non-variable sound, leaving you looking for more 

In addition, both of the Powervalve 100 cell and 200 cell 125mm oversized  catalytic converters have a gas flow ratio greater than any other product on the market, and having a 40grm wash coat which is up to 8 times greater than cheaper cats offered can, therefore, handle up to 10 years of hard life (...this is where the true value of the cat lies - in the precious metal content).

Due to the huge increase in gas flow we recommend that the car is remapped to stage II in order to maximize the power potential of your car.

Fitting the system and cat without a suitable stage II remap may cause the CEL to illuminate.

Whilst we do offer a cat delete pipe you should note before purchasing that it is illegal to run your vehicle on a public road without a road legal catalyst installed. With this in mind, you should only consider a cat delete for closed road and/or track use.

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