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VW Golf R Mk7 So I'm now flying the BCS flag on my 7R... Here's a brief iPhone review for all & anyone. Firstly, Customer Service & experience. Booked in a few weeks ago, had a good natter with Nige on the phone about cars in general. Turns out we have similar taste! Arrived 2 weeks later for fitting, met up with dave who was fitting the system and grabbed coffee with Nige. They have a nice quiet waiting area where I could get some work done whilst waiting. Towards the end of the fitting I was walked through the system and shown everything from underneath. Always comforting that the guys want to show off their product and are proud of the engineering finish, let alone the sound. Really couldnt ask for more! Exhaust tips & looks My approach to the R7, was one which required subtlety (potentially at risk when Acid Green Calipers are fitted). So the black tips were always a strong favourite, however I wanted to see both polished stainless tips & black under the car before choosing. The guys were happy to oblige, but we all knew what was going to be best. Black! Stunning! Oval tips..... Just a class above the VW OEM ones, which in my opinion almost look like an after thought and possibly over the top. The round but angle cut tips suit the purpose and capability if the car, yet in black are not visually offensive not apparent immediately. Those that have negatively commented on the BCS tips clearly haven't seen them in the flesh. They are perfect for the car. Stainless, black or Carbon. They work! Exhaust... Full TBE fitted. First thing to mention on the new platform, is 10-20bhp has been released with most exhausts with improved aftermarket downpipes. OEM design is restrictive, very! Stock Dyno run after BCS fitting ran 322bhp before the APR St2 map. (388bhp) BCS Valve - is actuated by boost pressure and has its own boost line from the turbo. Very trick! This eliminates unwanted drone and volume at any speed/Rev. An aftermarket dream!!! Sound on start up & idle - A subdued hummmm with enough depth to notice this car is no ordinary golf. Revving - an unoffensive rasp, again with perfect depth, and an almost over-run popple as the revs reduce. Normal driving (off boost) - internally you will hardly notice any change at all over stock, volume has not increased internally but the sound is just a lot better. Externally, off boost you get a nice sporty note, it's quiet though, more than acceptable if it were actually a factory exhaust, you'd never know from a volume perspective. Spirited/Closed Private runway driving - on boost the valve opens up, and hello! A beautiful noise inside the car, not droney at all, just perfection all the way to gear change. At which point the most almighty of 4pot DSG farts violates the person you just overtaken... It makes you smile! With Stage 2 the additional pressure increases the whole experience even more. Externally the volume is loud, but not offensively, again it's just right! Credit to BCS and also to VW for soundproofing, but the internal noise is perfect when off boost, never any drone, and on boost you get the noise and volume you've always wanted. ... Simply couldn't ask for better. I've worn many aftermarket systems, many Milltek, which were good but not without fault. BCS is several leagues above in terms of the type and quality of sound you get, the volume and the way in which the valve works. You literally get the best of both worlds! My ideal requirements are for an underlying sporty note when driving steady or even in Eco mode, but without the fuss of changing settings when driving hard, getting a great sound but not an intrusively loud one. And I gauge perfection in these regards as being able to hold a conversation with my girlfriend without drowning her out or having that irritating niggle that the exhaust is pissing you off. (Some may actually prefer this ) If you are as I was, left hugely underwhelmed by the stock system... Just get A BCS! Call Nige now, and order it, worth every penny! Remember you'll get a good return when you sell it! If you are already looking at upgrading, look no further! If you're foolish enough to buy a Milltek for your R (or already have one), never ask to hear a BCS system, you'll want to hang yourself! I speak from experience, I had the TBE Milltek developed on my S1, which was okay... But not on par with BCS. It's always difficult to choose a system, as you rarely get the opportunity to hear them. I've cocked up a few times as a result, yes, BCS was a gamble as were others in the past. The gamble paid off, and the quality of engineering, design, appearance and the valve tech, I'll be speaking to Nige for a system on my future cars... BCS deserve some golf custom with such a fantastic system! I'm located in West Yorkshire and happy for anyone to come out with me and have a listen. Please PM me! Brad Hinchliffe
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Placed on 5 January 2017