About PowerValve

About Powervalve

Manufactured from 304-grade aircraft spec stainless steel, we believe that our performance exhaust systems are the finest on the market.

At POWERVALVE we carefully analyze the original exhaust system, and then we redesign from scratch, our own carefully thought out performance variant.

By using this process we are able to engineer specific attributes into the system, taking into account the exhaust tone and performance capability.

We are then confident in offering to you a performance system, that has been thoughtfully designed with the specific target user in mind after all each particular car model has its own unique target consumer. Again using our skill acquired over many years we believe and are fully confident that our performance systems hit the right spot audibly.

Once the right tone is achieved, we build in the performance capability of the system, by carefully analyzing the engine output to its ultimate dynamic capability by remapping and induction modifications. We do this by calculating the gas flow required and further by matching this to the correct tube and bend diameters, all of which are mandrel formed on our state of the art CNC bending machines.

Again by using such high-quality equipment we are ensuring that the gas flow through the performance system is constant and uninterrupted.

Using this development practice gives our customers the confidence necessary when planning further performance upgrades, and as performance is fundamentally our driving passion, you can be assured that all of our systems are dyno-proven to give out of the box performance gains in addition to increased power derived from ECU remapping and induction improvements.

Once you have chosen your POWERVALVE Exhaust System, please feel free to contact us to discuss your ongoing tuning requirements, we will be pleased to offer you our expertise and knowledge in helping you achieve your ultimate performance objectives.

Before considering an alternative product remember, POWERVALVE offer products that are:

  • Designed from scratch by our own in-house performance technicians
  • Designed to give genuine performance gains
  • Designed to interface with further performance upgrades
  • Designed to sound epic without being intrusive
  • Designed using the finest 304-grade stainless steel
  • Designed using mandrel tube bending equipment for continuous unrestricted flow
  • Designed using free flow silencers for maximum power and torque
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Designed for life

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