At Powervalve Exhausts Limited our objective is to design and manufacture products which are straightforward and thought out with the end user fit ability clearly in mind. We like to use the common term ‘Plug and Play’.

This is achieved by ensuring that all of our systems fit the vehicle that they are intended for with the minimum of fuss, with specific emphasis on clearance points, utilisation of stock mountings and the weight and size of individual components falling into a manageable component format, that will enable one person to perform the install.

However, we also understand that many of our customers would prefer to have the system installed by a skilled technician.

To this end when requested, we are able to offer a comprehensive install facility here at our premises in Haydock.

To incentivize this, we are able to offer very competitive rates, and again you can be assured that the care taken to produce our systems is reflected in the level of care taken to complete an accurate installation and road test.