Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our exhaust systems are manufactured from 304/303 grade stainless steel

All of our exhaust systems come with a lifetime guarantee against failure for the original purchaser, with the following caveats

  • Proof of purchase to be provided
  • All products to be returned to Powervalve Exhausts Limited for inspection at the purchasers cost.


  • All catalytic components come with a 2 year guarantee.

All of our systems are manufactured with total satisfaction in mind, details of which are explored on our 'About Us' page. However, all of our products must provide

  • the facility for the engine to produce more power and torque, whether directly by improving gas flow efficiency and or by providing tuners the potential to re map your car to its maximum safe operating limit.


No exhaust system produces power, that's the engines job; the job of the exhaust system is to facilitate the removal of waste gasses as efficiently as possible from the engine, particularly critical on turbo charged cars, where optimum power is dependent on pressure behind the turbo being minimised as far as possible, a feature we pay utmost attention to.

  • a sound track which we believe will leave you craving more time behind the wheel


Exhaust sound is extremely subjective which is why every system that we offer is geared to a specific target end user, determined by careful market research, customer feedback and our extensive experience both at OEM and aftermarket levels, in creating our unique signature sound.

In many cases we offer 4 sound options based on your individual requirements, our technicians are always on hand to walk you through the 'best fit' option.

  • a visual aesthetic upgrade over the OEM system set within carefully thought out parameters established by the considered opinions of Powervalve design team and customer consensus.

Can I choose my trim?

On many systems that we produce we can offer a choice of tail pipe option, again based on your individual visual requirements, which are viewable on our product landing pages.

Both system variants come with the choice of 'Sport' or 'Prestige' options, or in certain cases 'WRC'.

Our 'out of the box' Sport option covers 95% of the demand for our products with its 'Goldilocks' just right tone aimed at providing a drone free sports sound environment at all stages of the driving experience. The Prestige option is aimed at clients that require all of the gas flow necessary to meet their tuning requirements with an understated tone which is noticeable but with less drama. The WRC option is not for the faint hearted and should only be considered for track use where noise regulations permit.

Powervalve is our unique boost actuated variable tone technology designed for our turbo charged vehicle range.

Developed to provide the perfect balance between off boost driving (cruising or pottering around) and full on acceleration and overtaking manoeuvres. Powervalve provides perfect 'in flow' power control resulting in greater mid range torque than can be experienced using conventional un controlled gas flow. Together with a sound range between 'OEM +' and 'race', Powervalve represents the pinnacle in exhaust technology currently available.

Our systems are designed to be shipped, and installed with the minimum of fuss by any competent motor vehicle technician, or an enthusiastic DIY owner with the correct tools and a good working knowledge of his car.

However, should you require us to install your system for you, this can be arranged by agreeing a mutually convenient appointment with us.

Wherever possible our exhaust systems are designed to be fitted to either the OEM Downpipe as a cat back exhaust system and then up graded to a full system at a later stage or as a full 'Turbo Back exhaust System'. Please see individual product details to determine the options available.

Powervalve Exhausts limited are pleased to offer any car enthusiast forum the opportunity to organise a group buys within the rules specified by each individual forum, provided that there are a minimum of 10 participants.

Please contact us for further details of our current live Group Buy schemes.

Since our inception, we have carefully established our reputation for supplying quality Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Systems across the world by paying very careful consideration to individual client care and service.

If you feel that we have failed to live up to our own high standards of either quality and or customer care, we would welcome your feedback, highlighting any incident that you feel dissatisfied with, where you can be assured of our immediate attention, and response.