Audi S1 2.0 Tsi 8X 15->18 DOWNPIPE / CAT DELETE TO OEM

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Audi S1 2.0 Tsi 8X 15->18 DOWNPIPE / CAT DELETE TO OEM

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Due to the uniqueness of our products and the way in which they are manufactured, there may at times be a production delay of up to 4 weeks from the initial purchase date.

If you would prefer to pay a deposit at this stage please contact us for details on how to arrange that as an alternative, with the balance payable on the shipping date.

The Powervalve cat delete pipe is the ideal hardware upgrade when considering a power increase on the 2.0 TSi engine. In addition, you will notice an audible uplift in the sound producing a nice sporty tone in the vehicle under acceleration.

The Powervalve downpipe and cat delete connects directly to the OEM cat-back system with a minimum of fuss, utilizing the original Audi clamp. 

The dimensions employed on our unique cat will allow a gas flow equivalent to a cat delete pipe whilst remaining completely MOT and road legal.

The primary use for the Powervalve cat delete pipe variant is the track, or closed/private road, as this product is illegal for road use

As with virtually all of the TSi engined vehicles, there is very little performance gain to be had from the cat-back system on its own, due to the incredibly restrictive downpipe and twin OEM cats. However, by opting for our unique downpipe and high flow cat the power potential will massively increase, firstly with an initial 22bhp kinetic, and then once mapped all the way up to a stage 3 - 340bhp is achievable (along with suitable additional hardware...)

The fitting time for this product is 4 hours 

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